3 Weeks…Where Did the Time Go…

How have 22 days past since my last blog? That’s insane! And when I think back over the last three weeks, wooh…I’ve been getting some stuff done!

So what have I been doing…that didn’t allow me just a few minutes to write a couple paragraphs?

I didn’t make time for it–that’s it! That’s my lame-ass excuse. Taxiing kids all over town is the norm. Attending numerous volleyball and football games is normal. Dropping off and picking up my daughter for work and the other one for gymnastics is also typical. Sending out recruiting ads to reach insurance agents is pretty routine as well. Helping our Administrative person with menial tasks is hit or miss–I do what needs to be done. Grocery shopping and cooking is also standard practice at my house.

What else has happened?

I ordered some books! I love to read. Why I ordered ten in the last 3 weeks, I don’t know, but I’ve read about half. PLUS, I started a Life Coaching course. It’s much cheaper than a Master’s degree AND it won’t require a 40+hours workweek. Sounds like a win-win to me!

So please forgive me….I hope to do better in the future! Until then my friends….




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