Life Coaching Class

I’ve been MIA for good reason.

Between getting ready to move (to FL), running kids all over town, cooking and grocery shopping, I added one more thing to my already busy life. I enrolled in a Life Coaching class with MasterCoach University (Jeffrey Sooey). Actually, let me rephrase that. I enrolled in 2 classes with him, both of which takes up every waking moment of the day. He breaks you down to build you up…and assures you are accountable in every sense by assigning partners and scheduling mastermind calls!

So not only did I enroll in these 2 classes, I also signed up 8 people to coach. What the hell was I thinking? I was overwhelmed with the positive responses, yet scared shitless with how I was going to handle it all. Needless to say, I’m almost done. I closed out 6 of the 8 free sessions and feel that assignment lighten. And not only is my load getting lighter, it felt great to have impacted the 6 lives that I did! What joy (for me) to watch others succeed…especially in areas that they’ve struggled with for some time.

Needless to say, I’m almost done. I closed out 6 of the 8 free sessions and feel that assignment lighten. And not only is my load lighter, it felt great to have impacted the 6 lives that I did! What joy (for me) to watch others succeed…especially in areas that they’ve struggled with for some time.

Until my next post…..




3 Weeks…Where Did the Time Go…

How have 22 days past since my last blog? That’s insane! And when I think back over the last three weeks, wooh…I’ve been getting some stuff done!

So what have I been doing…that didn’t allow me just a few minutes to write a couple paragraphs?

I didn’t make time for it–that’s it! That’s my lame-ass excuse. Taxiing kids all over town is the norm. Attending numerous volleyball and football games is normal. Dropping off and picking up my daughter for work and the other one for gymnastics is also typical. Sending out recruiting ads to reach insurance agents is pretty routine as well. Helping our Administrative person with menial tasks is hit or miss–I do what needs to be done. Grocery shopping and cooking is also standard practice at my house.

What else has happened?

I ordered some books! I love to read. Why I ordered ten in the last 3 weeks, I don’t know, but I’ve read about half. PLUS, I started a Life Coaching course. It’s much cheaper than a Master’s degree AND it won’t require a 40+hours workweek. Sounds like a win-win to me!

So please forgive me….I hope to do better in the future! Until then my friends….



Think About What You’re Thinking About


During my many teachings at a jail ministry that I was once a part of, this one keeps coming to my mind. I taught this lesson to the ladies who were incarcerated, but it’s applicable to all of us. I remember going in there and starting my lesson off as follows: “Ladies, tonight I want to talk about war.” I had nothing but blank stares, but I proceeded. “Not the gulf war or the political war (it was during the election season), but the war that’s going on in your mind. I want to talk about the battlefield that lies right here,” I said, tapping my finger into the side of my temple.

Now, I had everyone’s attention. My audience was desperate. They wanted answers and solutions to their problems. I, more than anyone, wanted to give it to them.

I came prepared to share my objectives. Those being: to get these women to think about what they were thinking about, to change how they thought and to alleviate any fear-based stories their mind made up.

I started with a well-known scripture: As a man thinketh in his own heart, so is he. I asked all those ladies to take a moment to really think about what they thought about.

I unleashed, without shame or remorse, “Before Christ, I thought and was a beer-drinking, boy-crazed drunk who was looking for a good time. I smoked weed, and did a few other drugs. I slept around—with A LOT of freaking guys! I broke the law probably more times than y’all. My thoughts were dark, depressing, and full of a woe-is-me mentality. I had been dealt a crappy hand growing up. I thought poor, looked poor and acted poor…”

These prisoners were identifying with me through their nods, tears, and soft responses.

I continued, “After Christ, I felt freed from a deep emptiness that consumed me for so long. I became full, whole, and, more importantly, loved. My life changed, as did my thoughts. The world, as I knew it, transformed before my very eyes with me in a leading role. How could that be, you wonder?” I paused to look each woman in the eyes.

“Two words: Happiness and Gratefulness.”

So simple…could it even be true?

I kept going, “For all my life, I thought about all the bad stuff that happened, and suffered tremendously with my own actions. My thoughts were always me-focused. Why me? Poor me? I hate my life…and on and on I would go. But, once Christ entered the picture, I was moved by joy and gratefulness. Grateful that God could not only love someone like me, but that He would forgive someone like me—FOREVER!”

I asked the incarcerated women how many of them had thought about their destiny in the courtroom. How many of them saw their sentencing, their release, prison, or drug rehab? I then pleaded with them that instead of applying the worst-case scenario to their particular situation, to give thanks—for their attorneys, the judge, the prison guards, their supportive family members. I begged them to be happy and thankful in spite of their current situation.

What I said that day was different. I brought hope into what they thought was a hopeless situation.


You’re Right-My First Blog

My favorite phrase of all times has become “You’re Right.” I say it. My husband says it. Even my kids let it rip from their mouth. And without fail, it’s true every time!

Because “You’re Right” is a flagship expression routinely used among our family, that can only mean there are some words not allowed….like “I can’t.” “I can’t” at my house will cost you—money, push-ups, or a tongue-lashing—from me!

“You’re Right” was birthed out of pure frustration, but has evolved into so much more as the years have passed—all because of a Gameboy (yeah, that’s how long ago this came to fruition.)

Let me explain. My girlfriend, Renee, dropped her son, Jake, off with me one afternoon. Jake brought his GameBoy and our girls became completely enamored with his little gadget. Even before Renee made it back to get him, our kids started begging me to buy them one. I said, “Absolutely not,” as they were going to be starting school the next day. So, like normal kids do, mom said no, let’s go ask dad!

Five minutes later, Brian approached me wanting to know how much money was in our account, where my girlfriend had purchased the GameBoy, and what games her son had. I curiously inquired why he wanted all that information, to which, he replied he intended on buying the girls their own GameBoy.

I immediately went to battle. First off, I already said no. And second, they were starting school the very next day! I could see the future of this GameBoy if it showed up in our house—our kids would be fighting over whose turn would be next or how long so-and-so had it. They would rush through whatever homework was assigned because the GameBoy would be calling their name. They would resort to being inside the house instead of outside. To me, nothing good could come out of getting them a GameBoy at that particular time.

What part of that didn’t he understand! Hello? He didn’t want to hear it and requested I call my girlfriend to obtain the information he asked for. Now, in my mind, I was going off. But with my mouth, I said, “Sure Honey, let me call Renee.” I called Renee and got all the information he wanted.

An hour later, as we were getting ready to go to the store (to get school supplies), my husband announced that he would not be buying the girls the GameBoys they were requesting because they would be starting school the next day. My jaw hit the floor! AND…I said, “You’re right, Honey!” I shocked myself and kept my composure!

He took all the credit for coming up with the brilliant idea. Wow…genius. I said nothing, although I surely could have reminded him that I had said it an hour ago.

But seeing as how that went over so smoothly, I tried it again, and again, and again. And it worked! I’m not encouraging any women to be a doormat because they tell their husband he’s right. What I am saying is…to conclude with “you’re right” is priceless!